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Omar Faruk
Jul 14, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
The gentleman can do it; otherwise, there are people who use this to steal. The gentleman doesn't care about this, but he may appear beautiful and happy, and hide himself in the boudoir. Dang, it is to revive evil and spread prostitutes. I dare not obey orders.” Han Gongzi is the same as Wang Sheng. They are both children of an aristocratic family, and they also want to acquire the skills of a Taoist priest. Shan Taoist said more clearly, he said, "I am not stingy with my art, I am afraid that I will ruin my way. A gentleman can do it." The "gentleman" here implies that the recipient must have certain moral cultivation. Therefore, the key to Shan ghost mannequin effect Taoist's teaching is not the person's will, perseverance or comprehension, but whether the person's corresponding morality is sufficient. Shan Taoist only passed on the gentleman, and he was afraid that Han Gongzi's moral cultivation was not enough, and it was suitable to help evil. At first glance, it seems that the process of learning "skills" is not difficult, but the difficulty is the level of moral cultivation. Therefore, learning the Tao must precede academics, and the achievement of the Tao lies in the achievement of the heart, and the achievement of the heart can lead to the achievement of art. Art operates under the control of Tao. As mentioned above, “art” is subordinate and secondary. The abilities, spells, and special skills of Taoist priests imply the corresponding restrained xinxing cultivation, which is not uncommon in Chinese culture. Most of the tools of traditional Chinese culture lack independence and are subordinate to a certain moral value. Value rationality dominates the use of tools. Similar ideas can be seen more clearly in several passages in Jin
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Omar Faruk

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