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Rina Khatun
Jul 16, 2022
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Mrgin of the social democratic parties, but it is equally true C Level Contact List that, finding themselves on the streets and in not a few publications, linked to it and permeated its culture. One of the substantial aspects that led to a direct relationship between the two C Level Contact List currents was the rejection of "campismo" - a position according to which the different lefts should maintain an "elective affinity" with the Soviet universe and silence their criticism of it, under the pretext of «not providing arguments to the class enemy»–. In addition, concerns about new agendas, such C Level Contact List as the ecological and gender agendas, also brought the camp of critical Marxism closer to that of the left-wing democratic socialists who were still active in social democracy. The enthusiasm with the Latin American processes – first C Level Contact List with the Cuban Revolution, then with Allende's socialist process – also linked them, although in some of those cases they were not a few disappointments. Although the relations between the «New Left», «dissident communists» and «left social democrats» were not similar in all the countries, it is C Level Contact List true that they favored new possibilities of demosocialist re-updating. A C Level Contact List notorious case is that of the United States, where a very weak tradition developed by Eugene Debs at the beginning of the centuryxx was reconfigured from the creation of the Democratic Socialists of America party in the early 1980s. Although it has been considered (and not without reason) as a C Level Contact List social democratic party, it is symptomatic that it was the derivation of C Level Contact List both Trotskyist currents (particularly , of the current led by Max Shachtman), of social democratic tendencies (coming from the Organizing Committee for Democratic Socialism) and of the C Level Contact List socialist, feminist and pro-civil rights New Left organized in the New American Movement, led by the «critical communist »Dorothy Healey).
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Rina Khatun

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