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sathi akter
Aug 02, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Japanese in the pioneering regiment who remained in Manchuria (now Northeast China). It is indeed unprecedented that so many Japanese people died overseas. . In order to strengthen the rule of Manchuria and increase the development of agricultural cultivation, it was called " Manchurian development " at that time, which was the national policy of the Great Japanese Empire at that time. Until the end of the war in 1945, the total number of pioneers sent by Japan to Manchuria exceeded 270,000. Even in the late stage of the war, when the war situation gradually deteriorated and the security and threat were threatened, more than 60,000 Japanese bulk sms service in total crossed the sea and went to the dream. The new continent - Manchuria. Why were so many people sent to Manchuria when the war was about to be defeated? This part of the relationship between Manchuria and Japan has always been ambiguous. puppet state? Puppet regime? In the traditional view of the history of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, it is a fixed view that Manchukuo was a regime supported by the Japanese Kwantung Army to seize China's interests. King's Paradise? National Reconciliation? But for the Japanese, Manchukuo is a very unique modern state-building that boldly moves towards ideals, both in science and conscience. Manchuria Empire, love and hatred under the collision of ideals and reality. In the Chinese world, Manchukuo is undoubtedly a corner forgotten by history and an issue covered up by politics. This "illusioned country" created by modern Japan was originally supposed to be some kind of utopian ideal, but it was born in the most tragic reality; it is under the banner of the royal land and the harmony of the five tribes, but it is undeniable that it is the Kanto A puppet country under the control of the military; it is the forefront of encountering Western civilization, but the so-called "Japan's only way to survive" by this Ishihara Kaner (major general of the Japanese army, first chief of the General Staff Headquarters, serving in the Kwantung Army for many years) eventually followed. Disillusioned with Imperial Japan. Manchukuo is not an existence that can be easily identified by simple
In August 75 years ago, the Soviet army suddenly launched an attack, forcing the death of at least 80,000  content media
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sathi akter

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